Interpol: The Other Side Of Make-Believe

Interpol: The Other Side Of Make-Believe
Title: The Other Side Of Make-Believe
Label: Matador Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2022 release, the first album from Interpol in four years. Coming from a group whose early work was characterized by Polish knife-wielders and incarcerated serial killers, you might expect Interpol's pandemic record to be an emotional tar pit - doubly so, given the presence of towering producer-engineer duo Flood and Moulder on the boards. But Banks felt the call to push in a "counterbalancing" direction, with paeans to mental resilience and the quiet power of going easy. "The nobility of the human spirit is to recover and rebound," he says. "Yeah, I could focus on how fucked everything is, but I feel now is the time when being hopeful is necessary, and a still-believable emotion within what makes Interpol Interpol."

1.1 Toni
1.2 Fables
1.3 Into the Night
1.4 Mr. Credit
1.5 Something Changed
1.6 Renegade Hearts
1.7 Passenger
1.8 Greenwich
1.9 Gran Hotel
1.10 Big Shot City
1.11 Go Easy (Palermo)

Interpol: The Other Side Of Make-Believe

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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