Inxs: Kick

Inxs: Kick
Title: Kick
Label: Rhino

Three CDs + Blu-ray. Deluxe Limited 30th Anniversary Edition featuring the remastered original album, b-sides, rare mixes and more across three CDs plus a Blu-ray disc with the full Kick album mixed in Dolby Atmos immersive surround sound by Giles Martin and all the music videos. Housed within DVD sized 'fan-deluxe' packaging including 48-page booklet with interviews, essays and rare photos. INXS's dance-floor-ready rock 'n' roll and impossibly infectious pop songs reached their apex of greatness on this 1987 smash. All born right here were "Never Tear Us Apart," "Need You Tonight," "Devil Inside" and "New Sensation," making this one of the most triumphant pop albums of the '80s.

1.1 Disc One - Original Album Guns in the Sky
1.2 New Sensation
1.3 Devil Inside
1.4 Need You Tonight
1.5 Mediate
1.6 The Loved One
1.7 Wild Life
1.8 Never Tear Us Apart
1.9 Mystify
1.10 Kick
1.11 Calling All Nations
1.12 Tiny Daggers
1.13 Disc Two - Demos, Mixes and More Move on [Guitar Version]
1.14 I'm Coming (Home)
1.15 Mediate [Live from America]
1.16 Never Tear Us Apart [Live from America]
1.17 Kick [Live from America]
1.18 On the Rocks
1.19 Do Wot You Do
1.20 Mystify [Chicago Demo]
1.21 Jesus Was a Man [Demo]
1.22 The Trap [Demo]
1.23 Guns in the Sky [Kick Ass Remix]
1.24 Need You Tonight [Mendelsohn Extended Mix]
1.25 Move on
1.26 Disc Three - Additional Mixes and B-Sides Never Tear Us Apart [Soul Version]
1.27 New Sensation [Nick 12' Mix]
1.28 New Sensation [Nick 7' Mix]
1.29 Devil Inside [Extended Remix]
1.30 Devil Inside [7' Version]
1.31 Devil Inside [Radio Edit]
1.32 Different World [12 Version]
1.33 Different World [7' Version]
1.34 Need You Tonight [Big Bump Mix]
1.35 Need You Tonight [Ben Liebrand Mix]
1.36 Need You Tonight [Mendelsohn 7 Edit]
1.37 Guns in the Sky [Kookaburra Mix]
1.38 Calling All Nations [Kids on Bridges Remix]
1.39 Shine Like It Does [Live]
1.40 Disc Four - Blu-ray Kick - Mixed in Dolby Atmos and High Definition Audio
1.41 Promo Videos - Guns in the Sky
1.42 New Sensation
1.43 Devil Inside
1.44 Need You Tonight
1.45 Mediate
1.46 Never Tear Us Apart
1.47 Mystify
1.48 Kick [New 2017 Promo]

Inxs: Kick

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