INXS: Live Baby Live (2CD+DVD)

Inxs: Live Baby Live (2CD+DVD)
Title: Live Baby Live (2CD+DVD)
Label: Eaglevision Europe

A highlight in a career of triumphant milestones, INXS's thundering performance at London's Wembley Stadium on July 13th1991 has been restored from the original 35mm film. Presented here in glorious widescreen with remixed and remastered audio, and featuring a previously unreleased performance, never has it felt more like being part of the crowd of 73,791 adoring fans on that hot July evening. The classic 1991 performance, completely restored, remixed and remastered. RUN TIME: 98 Minutes

1.1 Guns In The Sky
1.2 New Sensation
1.3 I Send A Message
1.4 The Stairs
1.5 Know The Difference
1.6 Disappear
1.7 By My Side
1.8 Hear That Sound
1.9 Original Sin
1.10 Lately (previously unreleased)
1.11 The Loved One
1.12 Wildlife
1.13 Mystify
1.14 Bitter Tears
1.15 Suicide Blonde
1.16 What You Need
1.17 Kick
1.18 Need You Tonight
1.19 Mediate
1.20 Never Tear Us Apart
1.21 Who Pays The Price
1.22 Devil Inside
1.23 Shining Star (Credits)
2.1 Guns In The Sky
2.2 New Sensation
2.3 I Send A Message
2.4 The Stairs
2.5 Know The Difference
2.6 Disappear
2.7 By My Side
2.8 Hear That Sound
2.9 Original Sin
2.10 Lately (previously unreleased)
2.11 The Loved One
2.12 Wildlife
3.1 Mystify
3.2 Bitter Tears
3.3 Suicide Blonde
3.4 What You Need
3.5 Kick
3.6 Need You Tonight
3.7 Mediate
3.8 Never Tear Us Apart
3.9 Who Pays The Price
3.10 Devil Inside
3.11 Shining Star

INXS: Live Baby Live (2CD+DVD)

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