Iona: The Book of Kells

Iona: The Book of Kells
Title: The Book of Kells
Label: Open Sky Uk

"... 72 minutes of stunning music, quite unlike anything else you're likely to hear anytime soon." CCM Magazine, October 1992 "Book of Kells touches something elemental, resonating as few albums can. Allow it to touch you as well." CCM Magazine (USA), November 1992 "Finally, the most evocative release of all... Iona's ethereal 'Book of Kells'... unbelievable." Billboard (USA), December 1992

1.1 Kells Opening Theme
1.2 Revelation
1.3 Matthew - The Man
1.4 Chi-Rho
1.5 Mark - The Lion
1.6 The River Flows
1.7 Luke - The Calf
1.8 Virgin And Child
1.9 Temptation
1.10 The Arrest – Gethsemane
1.11 Trinity - The Godhead
1.12 John - The Eagle
1.13 Kells
1.14 Eternity - No Beginning, No End
2.1 THE BOOK OF KELLS COMPANION AUDIO DISC Kells Opening Theme Original demo
2.2 Revelation Original demo
2.3 Revelation Early version
2.4 Revelation Studio monitor mix
2.5 Man Vocal section 1 Original demo
2.6 Man Ac Gtr ; Vocal section 1 Work in progress mix
2.7 Man Vocal section 2 Original demo
2.8 Man Vocal section
2.9 Work in progress mix
2.10 Chi-Rho 2 Work in progress mix
2.11 Mark the Lion Studio demo
2.12 Tree of Life Unreleased track/alternative version of 'Mark the Lion'
2.13 The River Flows Original demo
2.14 Virgin ; Child Celtic Harp only studio mix
2.15 John the Eagle (originally titled ‘Hill of the Angels’) Original demo
2.16 Kells Theme Original demo
2.17 Kells Theme Jig! Original demo / unreleased version
2.18 Eternity - End Section New version
2.19 Warrior of the Wasteland Unreleased song, studio version
2.20 Lost Tribe Unreleased instrumental, demo
2.21 Dun I Unreleased instrumental, demo
2.22 Watching You Unreleased song, demo
2.23 Place of Kings Unreleased instrumental, demo
2.24 My Town Unreleased song, studio version
2.25 Hard Way to Learn Unreleased song, demo
2.26 Rèilig Odhrain Unreleased instrumental, demo

Iona: The Book of Kells

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