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Iron & Wine: Beast Epic

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Artist: Iron & Wine

Artist: Iron & Wine
Title: Beast Epic

2017 release. Beast Epic, Iron & Wine's fourth album of new material for Sub Pop and it's sixth overall, recasts soft power as a series of vignettes, observations and regular old songs that redeem through joy and a certain expectation of grace. Sam Beam has called Beast Epic his "most personal" album to date. It is the first Iron & Wine album that he's produced since The Creek Drank The Cradle, though the results are vastly different. This album brims with surprise flourishes, classic touches and an appealing confidence that is evident on songs like "Call It Dreaming." After a decade and a half of prodigious expression and exploration, recording as both Iron & Wine and eponymously, Sam Beam confessed that he has finally figured out how to make records. Iron & Wine's Beast Epic was written and produced by Sam Beam, and recorded and engineered by Tom Schick at the Loft in Chicago in July 2016 and January 2017. The musicians who played on Beast Epic include longtime Iron & Wine collaborators Robert Burger (keys), Joe Adamik (percussion), and Jim Becker (guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin), along with bassist Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing and Fiona Apple), and Chicagoan Teddy Rankin Parker (cello). Beast Epic was mastered by Richard Dodd in Nashville, Tennessee.

1.1 Feet Don't Fail Me
1.2 The Way You Used to Do
1.3 Domesticated Animals
2.1 Fortress
2.2 Head Like a Haunted House
2.3 Un-Reborn Again
3.1 Hideaway
3.2 The Evil Has Landed
3.3 Villains of Circumstance

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