Jacky Terrasson: Gouache

Jacky Terrasson: Gouache
Title: Gouache
Label: Sunnyside

Pianist Jacky Treason's album Gouache is an eclectic, playful, and often beautiful album that showcases the pianist's lithe, technically adept Jazz skills alongside a handful of guest artists. Jazz pianists reworking modern pop songs has become de rigueur in 21st century Jazz circles, and so Treason's choice to cover Lennon, as well as such radio hits as Justin Bieber's "Baby" and Amy Winehouse's "Rehab," isn't in-and-of-itself unique. However, with his painterly, impressionistic style that often brings to mind a mix of such influences as Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea, Treason is an interesting match for this kind of pop repurposing, and his reinventions never sound anything but clever and inspired. To these ends, he turns "Baby" into a jaunty sleigh ride of song, with a euphoric '70 's R&B ballad midsection. He also gives "Rehab" a slow, Horace Silver-sounding Jazz-Funk treatment that finds him moving from piano to Fender Rhodes.

1.1 Try to Catch Me
1.2 Baby
1.3 Je Te Veux
1.4 Rehab
1.5 Gouache
1.6 Oh My Love
1.7 Mother
1.8 Happiness
1.9 Valse Hot
1.10 C'est Si Bon

Jacky Terrasson: Gouache

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