Jacqueline Kim

Jacqueline Kim: 10-Minute Relaxation: Nature Scenes

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Artist: Jacqueline Kim

Artist: Jacqueline Kim
Title: 10-Minute Relaxation: Nature Scenes

What would you do if you had only 10 minutes for yourself today? How would you spend your precious time? How about taking a brief, relaxing journey to a beautiful Hawaiian beach or an enchanted forest? Our days are filled with demanding activities from work, school, family, friends and social functions, so we are never far away from the commotion and noise...unless we consciously decide to take a 10-minute break from it all! In our busy daily life, we need to take time for ourselves once in a while to feel tranquility, peace and one with the Universe. The author guides you through each track using peaceful imagery to relax your mind and body. A short time for yourself away from school, work, shopping, and even friends may give you a sense of calmness in your heart, leaving you refreshed and energized. All you have to do is sit back and listen whether you reached the end of the day or your lunch break! Each track contains a10-minute guided relaxation narrative describing a nature scene, complemented by beautiful background music, simple deep breathing, an affirmation message and ends with a single tone chime tuned to the frequency of the Third Eye Chakra. These relaxation sessions are intended to effortlessly yield soothing benefits from a meditative ambiance. Just sit back, listen and enjoy! Please find a quiet and safe place for yourself and enjoy each 10-minute journey! For your safety, please, do not drive or perform any tasks that require your total concentration, while listening to each relaxation session. Jacqueline Kim, Ph.D., is a promoter of naturally healthy living, based on a holistic principle that we can enjoy healthy, happy and rewarding lives by nurturing our mind and body as one integrated system.

1.1 Beautiful Hawaiian Beach
1.2 Calm Starry Night Sky
1.3 Enchanted Forest
1.4 Field of Flowers and Butterflies
1.5 Blue Sky and Windswept Clouds
1.6 Snow-Covered Field and Snowflakes

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