Jameela: Soul Medication

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jameela

Artist: Jameela
Title: Soul Medication

The natural inspirationalist herself, Jameela has been inspired of her talents of inspiring has reared it's loving head again bringing musical joy. As an educator and a reputed humanitarian, charity organizations and the like has defintely been graced by her enlightenment that God wants us to share and care for one another. She shows this by example: actively participating. Many people feel that she can reach so many by her music and lyrics. Jameela's new release, 'Soul Medication' is an example of inspirational smooth jazz / neo soul and pop that is guaranteed to soothe the soul. She believes that God gave her this gift to touch souls and leave the positive message in each lyric while the music soothes. She calls it 'soul medication'.

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