Jamiroquai: Emergency on Planet Earth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jamiroquai

Artist: Jamiroquai
Title: Emergency on Planet Earth

2-CD reissue of the debut from one of the UK's most innovative artists featuring their first single "When You Gonna Learn". Part of the 20th anniversary Jamiroquai reissue series, each of the first 3 albums have been entirely remastered and feature a bonus disc of B-sides, live performances, and rarities.

1.1 When You Gonna Learn?
1.2 Too Young to Die
1.3 Hooked Up
1.4 If I Like It, I Do It
1.5 Music of the Mind
1.6 Emergency on Planet Earth
1.7 Whatever It Is, I Just Can't Stop
1.8 Blow Your Mind
1.9 Revolution 1993
1.10 Didgin' Out
2.1 When You Gonna Learn? [Cante Hondo Mix]
2.2 When You Gonna Learn? [Live at the Leadmill] [Live]
2.3 Too Young to Die [Extended Version] [Version]
2.4 If I Like It, I Do It [Acoustic]
2.5 Emergency on Planet Earth [London Rican Mix]
2.6 Revolution 1993 [Demo Version]
2.7 Didgin' Out [Live at the Milky Way, Amsterdam] [Live]
2.8 Brothers Like You [Live at Glastonbury, 1993] [Live]
2.9 God Made Me Funky [Live at Glastonbury, 1993] [Live]
2.10 Music of the Mind [Live at Glastonbury, 1993] [Live]

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