Jane Morgan

Jane Morgan: What Now My Love?

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jane Morgan

Title: What Now My Love?
Label: Hallmark

WHAT NOW MY LOVE was to be the final album Jane Morgan recorded for Kapp Records, which had been her home for some six years. Her time had been relatively successful, but there were disagreements between singer and record company over the direction her career should pursue. This would therefore be an interesting album purely because of it's status as her last for the label, but throw into the mix the production skills of Burt Bacharach and it takes on a different perspective altogether. What is especially revealing is that Burt, one of the best songwriters of his era, should contribute only one song to this ten track package, the remaining nine tracks being something of a delve into the romantic side of the great American songbook. It is either a missed opportunity (given Bacharach's later success with Dionne Warwick, for example) or an interesting stroll down memory lane, depending upon your viewpoint. Jane's performance is never less than top notch, and the instrumental backdrops enable the whole album to show off to maximum advantage the fine qualities of each melody.

1.1 Guess Ill Hang My Tears Out to Dry
1.2 Black Coffee
1.3 The End of a Love Affair
1.4 I'm a Fool to Want You
1.5 What Now My Love
1.6 Goodbye
1.7 It Never Entered My Head
1.8 Love Look Away
1.9 Heres That Rainy Day
1.10 Waitin for Charlie to Come Home

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