Jason Reid

Jason Reid: Dancing Shadows

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Artist: Jason Reid

Artist: Jason Reid
Title: Dancing Shadows

Jason Reid grew up in Albany, CA, a small town across the bay from San Francisco. He was something of an introverted kid but small towns luckily tend to beget good friends. After high school and a 3½-year stint at community college, he made his way to Los Angeles where he wound up studying business economics at UCLA and where he resides to this day. Jason's foray into the corporate world included attempts at real estate management, stockbrokering, and event producing. At one point, there was even talk of opening his own restaurant. Fortunately, he never went much further than talking about it. Switching gears, he decided to try running his own real estate appraisal business and that worked well for several years while the market blossomed. But when real estate took a big turn south, Jason found that appraising wasn't appealing anymore and it was only then that writing music showed up anywhere on his radar. Jason always loved music - listening to some of everything, harmonizing with the guys for a round of 'For The Longest Time', and even trying to strum along to what was on the radio. One day, the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" blaring in the background, he thought to himself, "Y'know Jase, there's a musical project you've secretly wanted to try. You may not get another opportunity - fallow time n' all - to give it a shot." With that stark reminder, he took a songwriting class in April of 2008. Jason wrote and played "Let Go" - the first song he had ever written - for the class ... and nobody booed. He was off and running! He visited parks and beaches, and spent time watching people and visiting memories. From these private musings, an album emerged. Jason met with producers Chris Kooreman and Edo8 Plasschaert, aka 'Beat Royalty', through a bit of serendipity in September '08 and they set to work on 'Dancing Shadows'. It was both great fun and grueling work. Although pushed and challenged along the way by Beat Royalty, Jason has stated that ultimately, he is genuinely amazed at their respective talents and learned much more working with them than he ever would've imagined at the get-go. The talented Vie Le (Mavien Bliss) oversaw vocal production on the project while 3x Grammy nominated Brad Gilderman handled the mixing of the album. Jason and the Beat Royalty team are equally pleased with how 'Dancing Shadows' has come together. They sincerely hope you'll enjoy listening to it a fraction as much as they enjoyed making it!

1.1 A Little Bit Further
1.2 It All Makes Sense
1.3 Light This Dark
1.4 Tease Me
1.5 It's Over
1.6 Shoulda Learned By Now
1.7 Scar
1.8 Invisible Island
1.9 Let Go
1.10 Try
1.11 Blueberry Eyes
1.12 Never Let Go
1.13 Butterfly
1.14 Light This Dark (Radio Version)

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