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Jazz Descendants: Red

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Artist: Jazz Descendants
Title: Red

Piano Bass Drums: The CLASSIC Jazz Trio. Joshua Goodman, Brandi Disterheft and Leroy Williams have come together from somewhat diverse backgrounds in jazz music, yet they seem to find their musical language from common sources. Leroy Williams, whose roots run the deepest within the roots of jazz, can lay claim to a most extraordinary musical journey. His extensive recording and touring experience as a drummer of choice has included a wide variety of musical formations including some of the most original players and influential composers of the past 40 years, from Thelonious to Dizzy, Stan Getz, Ray Bryant, Andrew Hill and Dewey Redman to name a few. Of course Williams' career long collaborations with Barry Harris became a primary link between the other two members of the Jazz Descendants. His original composition "Rosita" is one of the featured pieces of this collection: solid, precise and complex. Joshua Goodman's musical touchstone, mentor and friend is in fact Barry, who is one of his greatest influences on his instrument of choice, along with McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver and Ray Bryant. The melodies and arrangements of Gershwin and Jimmy Van Heusen have become his stylistic influences that are steeped deeply in his playing and throughout his compositions: moody, sophisticated and graceful. Brandi Disterheft brings an incredibly eclectic spirit tempered by a forcefully disciplined musical talent to this project. Her sphere of musical influences is vast and diverse, ranging from Mingus to Jimmy Blanton and from Bjork to Ravel. Her love of the bass comes from an honest dedication to the instrument nurtured by a deep well of influences that resonates clearly in her own unique approach. Ron Carter, Larry Gales, Oscar Peterson, not to mention Hank Jones with whom she recorded with prior to recording this album, and of course Mingus himself, continues to inspire her playing. Her striking compositions and playing throughout attest to an accomplished and original musical entity, striving to stretch towards the performers and new sonic horizons, even when using conventional acoustic instruments and forms: intuitive, sharp and soulful. The dialogue they create within the context of the classic jazz trio is as bold as it is engaging. Over the course of their careers as instrumentalists, they each have developed their own recognizable unique voice; yet, their influences have many common elements that they share with each other generously, as is evident on this performance. The performances from these recording sessions that comprise the Jazz Descendants' first project 'Red', were recorded, edited and mixed at the Revolution Recording Studios, which is a state of the art music space of the highest order, that helped define the rich sound and sumptuous feel of this unique collection of original compositions. The Charlie Parker standard, 'Scrapple from the Apple', is the only exception to the rule of the original pieces of music that define this collection, which goes a long way to explaining the solid traditional roots that initially brought these accomplished instrumentalists together. An evocative journey to explore and find common ground in each other's musical language is at the heart of this collaboration of the The Jazz Descendants. Recorded, Edited and Mixed at Revolution Recording April 2012 Mastered at Joao Carvalho's Mastering May 2012.

1.1 I Love You (And Don't Forget That)
1.2 Red
1.3 Rosita
1.4 Medley: Tranquility / Melancholy / Mystery / Serenity
1.5 Prayer to Release the Troops
1.6 Scrapple from the Apple
1.7 Wise Men
1.8 Blues for Leroy

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