Jeff Maurer

Jeff Maurer: Smart Setups Stupid Punchlines

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Artist: Jeff Maurer

Artist: Jeff Maurer
Title: Smart Setups Stupid Punchlines

These are jokes from my first couple years of doing standup; I've been doing them at clubs all over the country. I think this CD has a good mix of widely relatable topics such as working in an office and helping my grandma with a computer, as well as slightly quirkier topics such as wedding DJs and religious fundamentalists. The most important thing is that people usually laugh when I tell these jokes; I hope you'll think they're funny, too.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Bachelorette Parties
1.3 Southern Accent
1.4 DC Architecture
1.5 Office Work
1.6 Computers
1.7 Job Interviews
1.8 Writing Tip
1.9 Gay Friend, Homophobes
1.10 Subway
1.11 Appetiser or Sex Act?
1.12 Marriage
1.13 Inlaws, Metric System
1.14 Racist Grandma
1.15 Clothing Profiling
1.16 Grandma and Computers
1.17 Citibank, Sportswatch
1.18 Obama Vs. Bush
1.19 Voting
1.20 Weddings
1.21 Bald Friends
1.22 29 Years Old
1.23 Dean Martin
1.24 Weird Religious Lady, Bible

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