Jeff Obafemi Carr

Jeff Obafemi Carr: Before the People Came

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Artist: Jeff Obafemi Carr
Title: Before the People Came

Rev. Jeff Obafemi Carr evolved his storytelling skills over a 25-year career as a newspaper publisher, radio talk show host, and founder of the historic Amun Ra Theatre. His live stage plays have been featured at The Smithsonian's Discovery Theater, the Provincetown Playhouse, and the National Black Theatre Festival. 'Before The People Came' has been seen by over fifty thousand young people and families across the entire United States. It's catchy rhythms and strong characters leave a lasting impact on children (and grownup kids) who experience it live or hear it on CD. The story of a group of different animals abandoned together in the midst of a blinding drought in Africa--and how they learn to come together to save themselves--is fast becoming an endearing part of modern storytelling culture. The CD itself is a great bedtime CD, travel/commute CD, and classroom activity tool. Enjoy it and share it with your friends.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Chapter One
1.3 The Think Groove 1
1.4 Chapter Two
1.5 It's Not Mine (Reprise
1.6 Before the People Came (Theme)

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