Jeff Richman

Jeff Richman: Hotwire

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jeff Richman

Title: Hotwire
Label: Nefer Music Records

"Hotwire" is the newest release by jazz guitarist Jeff Richman. The album features some of the best musicians in the world including drummers Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Novak and Gergo Borlai, bassists Jimmy Haslip, Anthony Jackson and Dean Taba, Keyboardists George Whitty, Scott Kinsey, Mitchell Forman, Jeff Lorber and Gary Fukashima, horns by Brandon Fields and Jeff Beal, plus special guest - guitarist Mike Stern. Jeff has written nine original tunes from the funky "Seven Up" to the fusion number "Hit Spot" and even a melodic pop tune "Chloe"

1.1 Hit Spot
1.2 Seven Up
1.3 Chloe
1.4 Oh, Yeah?
1.5 North Shore
1.6 One Last Kiss
1.7 Little Waves
1.8 Solar City
1.9 Golden Arrow
1.10 Miles Per Hour

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