Jelsa Palao

Jelsa Palao: For the Love of Carmen

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Artist: Jelsa Palao

Artist: Jelsa Palao
Title: For the Love of Carmen

When I first met Carmen, I was backstage at Caesar's in Las Vegas, with the guys in her trio. I had worked with all of them. Tom Garvin was on piano that night and he told me that Carmen liked to sing ballads very slowly - so much so that sometimes they forgot what song they were playing! She came on stage and began singing soft and slowly. I loved listening to the music she made. Months later, I had begun working with Roger Kellaway and he gave Carmen two of my songs to record. I was invited to the session. I saw her at the board with my music in front of her and I was speechless. As silent tears rolled down my cheeks, Marilyn and Alan Bergman walked in the studio. They had songs on her album too and they wanted to know if one of their tunes would be the title of the album. Carmen pointed to my music and told them that the title of the album would be 'I Am Music'... my song! I got nervous and left the room. I listened to the rest of the session from out in the hall. I was sure that Marilyn and Alan Bergman wouldn't want to meet me now... I listened as Carmen sang 'I Am Music' and another song I wrote 'I Never Lied to You'. I knew she loved my songs - I could tell by the way she sang them. She asked me for more songs - but that's another story... (smile)...

1.1 The Right to Love
1.2 This Masquerade
1.3 Like a Lover
1.4 Sometimes I'm Happy
1.5 Hush Now, Don't Explain
1.6 Everything Must Change
1.7 Time After Time
1.8 Here's That Rainy Day
1.9 The Shadow of Your Smile
1.10 Skylark
1.11 Dindi
1.12 You've Changed
1.13 Ain't Misbehavin'

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