Jennings: Femtastic

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Artist: Jennings

Artist: Jennings
Title: Femtastic

Jennings started with the songwriting of Mary Jennings at the age of 15. In the ten years to follow, she would go on to create a diverse catalog of songs chronicling milestones in her life as well as those around her. In an attempt to get her music and words heard, she devoted her time to touring heavily in the Southeast. Mary has since moved to the Big Apple tackling some of New York's most sought after venues. Now with her third album, Jennings creates an indie pop piano sound with a touch of electronica to turn her emotions, fears, and passions into something everyone can relate to.

1.1 Falling Higher
1.2 Fade to Gray
1.3 Femtastic
1.4 As You Breathe
1.5 Do or Die
1.6 Make Believe
1.7 Borderline
1.8 The Chase
1.9 Pretty Janey
1.10 Two Bullets
1.11 Make Believe [Stripped] [Version]
1.12 Falling Higher [Stripped] [Version]
1.13 Two Bullets [Stripped] [Version]
1.14 Pretty Janey [Stripped] [Version]
1.15 As You Breathe [Stripped] [Version]
1.16 Borderline [Stripped] [Version]

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