Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson: Legacy of Chains

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Artist: Jeremy Johnson

Artist: Jeremy Johnson
Title: Legacy of Chains

Although a native of Oregon, It was in Seattle, Wa. that Jeremy picked up his first acoustic guitar at a local pawn shop just eight years ago. It didn't take him long to determine that the traditional avenues weren't satisfying an ever growing need to channel the labor of life. After four years living in Seattle, he packed up and moved to Wasilla Alaska for a job opportunity. It was there that he was able to develop his songwriting skills away from the influence of the rat race. For the first three years, he played with a local bluegrass band, further expanding his musical horizons. He performed his own music as well, showcasing his musical talents whenever and wherever he could. The forty ninth state couldn't satisfy all of his ambitions though, so he and his family moved to Indiana. In just a short period of time on the Indianapolis music scene, Jeremy is gaining considerable momentum as emerging local talent. Combining elements of blues, folk, jazz, soul, rock, and a tinge of hip-hop, Jeremy produces a sound as unique and divergent as his background. Despite a patchwork of musical backgrounds and influences, he has somehow found a way to succesfully merge a mixture of styles in a way that is both cohesive and authentic. His thought provoking and conscious lyrics, written from inside the walls of marriage, fatherhood and faith, keep fans engaged as they move to a cadence that sets him apart. His passion emanates from the music and reaches a part of us often untapped by today's current lyricists. In addition to his solo music endeavors, Jeremy has joined up with a group of musicians to form the band 'Jeremy Johnson and The Bleeding Keys', based out of Pendleton, Indiana. The term "Bleeding Keys" stems from his passion and it's emphatic outlet through music. Jeremy's soulful voice and thoughtful delivery have been compared to artists the likes of Ben Harper, Amos Lee and Mumford and Sons. Mix that with a groove that is all his own and you have Jeremy Johnson.

1.1 Legacy of Chains
1.2 The Only Cure
1.3 Nothing I'd Rather Do
1.4 Dillinger
1.5 Sink
1.6 Love's Like Holding Guns
1.7 Growing Old at Home
1.8 Gems to Stones
1.9 Bleeding Keys
1.10 Sand Into the Sea

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