Jerry Solomon

Jerry Solomon: Virginity For All Private Press 45s 1966-1969

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jerry Solomon

Artist: Jerry Solomon
Title: Virginity For All Private Press 45s 1966-1969
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. The rarity and bizarre content of Jerry Solomon's releases have music connoisseurs clamoring for them, though he funded, wrote, recorded, and self-distributed his uniquely fascinating music for no reason other than to simply put it out there. Equal parts strange, entertaining, and foreboding, Jerry's music is always engaging, and one can't help but feel these recordings offer a glimpse through a murky portal into the unadulterated creative experience. Approximately fifty years after their initial release, this set collects some of the weirdest and most compelling recordings from the 20th century.

1.1 Aga Ega
1.2 Come to the Ball
1.3 For All Eternity
1.4 The Virgins
1.5 Come to the Love - in
1.6 Come One Come All
1.7 I'm a Little Boy
1.8 Psychic Vibrations
1.9 Sail Everyone
1.10 First Date
1.11 The Beginning of Rock and Roll
1.12 San Francisco Way
1.13 Sail, Sail
1.14 Look at the Flowers
1.15 My Sailboat
1.16 Peasant Girl
1.17 Senorita
1.18 Frisco Girl
1.19 Jet Set '67
1.20 Abby - Ann Landers and the P.T.A
1.21 All I Ever Do Is Read "Dear Abby"
1.22 Come with Me to Athens
1.23 We're Going to Talk About the Weather
1.24 Come to the Fair
1.25 Linda
1.26 Seria
1.27 Oh Me Ah
1.28 The Circle of Life
1.29 We Had Too Much Champagne
1.30 They're Losing Their Virginity

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