Jesse Shepherd Gordon

Jesse Shepherd Gordon: Perspectives

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Artist: Jesse Shepherd Gordon
Title: Perspectives

I, Jesse Gordon Shepherd, have been songwriting and performing since I was a teen. Had bands such as: The Barons; Them Phynx; Checkmates; Shepherd Soundcraft, Last Band on Earth, and more. I have lived in Italy, West Virginia, Washington state, Texas, North Carolina and Colorado to name a few. My musical influences are varied, Euro-folk, blues, African rhythms and Brit rock, and I do play 'Jesse Music.' My style fits in many genres such as; folk, blues, americana; fingerpickin'; hillbilly; funky and new age. My fingers like to do the walking nowadays and yet still allow some singin'. My collections are varied and fun and serious. Depends on what you are looking for. Check some different songs out for they are not all the same. I'm always cooking up a new one so stay tuned for more. And thanks for checkin' in.

1.1 Alien
1.2 If Ever
1.3 Itzurbuty
1.4 Town of Peace
1.5 I'm Here
1.6 Sometimes It's Love
1.7 Forever and a Day
1.8 Environmental Hazard
1.9 She
1.10 Just a Little Diddy
1.11 We Needed Lovin'

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