Jfliz: In Light of Darkness

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Artist: Jfliz

Artist: Jfliz
Title: In Light of Darkness

This album was fueled by my fathers terminal cancer he was diagnosed with in June 2013. It was him becoming sick that lit a fire under my ass, got me back into music with a new focus. It became my tribute to him, coping mechanism for me and also my chance to grieve and help others who have or will also lose a loved one. When listening to this help you'll feel the anger and love in me, the pain and relief in me, the sadness and happiness in me. It's truly an incredible album that everyone can relate to. My father lost his battle to cancer on February 5th, 2014 and I chose to release the album on his birthday, April 3rd. Listen. Support. Share. Love.

1.1 The Darkness
1.2 Back in Action
1.3 The Glory
1.4 Warpath
1.5 Steak Fries
1.6 Night Sky
1.7 It's Over

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