Jim Cavender & Skip Heller: A Cellarfull of Noise

Jim Cavender & Skip Heller: A Cellarfull of Noise
Title: A Cellarfull of Noise
Label: CD Baby

Jim Cavender and Skip Heller are two singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists who share a love for, and understanding of, American vernacular music as deep as it is wide-ranging. They got together in Cavender's basement in May 2010 to record a set of songs that includes four originals (three by Heller, one by Cavender) and six covers from all over the map. In this era of 'arena country' built around flash, hype and effect-processed singing, Jim and Skip have recorded a reminder of what bedrock American music should sound like, from the brother duo harmonizing on 'Not That I Care' to the funky swamp-rock of 'All I Needed Was The Rain'. Touching down on points in between like Willie Nelson's stately Latin-influenced 'Everywhere I Go', Roger Miller's honky tonk anthem 'Walkin', Talkin', Cryin...', and the sturdy white soul of Jumpin' Gene Simmons' 'Go On Shoes', Heller and Cavender take their listeners on a backroad, off-the-interstate tour of the country to get a close-up look at how Americans actually live their lives in the modern era.

1.1 The Man I Used to Be
1.2 All I Needed Was the Rain
1.3 Not That I Care
1.4 Whatcha Wanna Do
1.5 No One Else'll Do
1.6 Go on Shoes
1.7 Everywhere I Go
1.8 Walkin', Talkin', Cryin' (Barely Beatin' Broken Heart)
1.9 I Hate You
1.10 My Rifle, My Pony and Me

Jim Cavender & Skip Heller: A Cellarfull of Noise

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