Jim Nailon

Jim Nailon: Arms Open Wide

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Artist: Jim Nailon

Artist: Jim Nailon
Title: Arms Open Wide

Sometimes, like with Jonah, it takes God extra time to spur a person into doing His will. After praying that God would inspire him to write songs that draw people to Christ, and receiving answers to those prayers, Jim Nailon still needed some time and convincing to share his music on a larger scale. Finally, realizing that those who bury their talents and gifts do not fare well when they meet their Master, Jim has released the first CD of his compositions: Arms Open Wide. Jim writes songs and hymns that have singable melodies and lyrics that are strongly rooted in Scriptural and Eucharistic themes. Most of the up-tempo songs on Arms Open Wide were written for school functions such as prayer services or spirit assemblies at schools where Jim has taught. One song, Upon This Stone, was written as a result of being asked by the Poor Clare Sisters of Omaha to play for the cornerstone laying ceremony for their new convent. To Our Lady is Jim's musical setting of the famous poem by Mary Dixon Thayer (now in the Public Domain), which many older Catholics learned as children. The remaining songs are liturgical hymns for Gathering Rites or Holy Communion, or short meditations appropriate for singing after communion.

1.1 This Holy Highway
1.2 Arms Open Wide
1.3 We Have Come to See Jesus Today
1.4 Upon This Stone
1.5 When We See Jesus
1.6 Sixty Second Meditation
1.7 Get Ready
1.8 Come to the Table of the Lord
1.9 Angel of God
1.10 To Our Lady
1.11 The Way of the Cross
1.12 Adoration

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