Jim Snidero: Crossfire

Jim Snidero: Crossfire
Title: Crossfire
Label: Savant

Jim Snidero is known to spin out wonderfully clean, inventive lines. His transparent sound and rapid execution evoke the early Art Pepper, as well as one of Snidero's own teachers Phil Woods. He never resorts to aimless scribbling, even at the quickest tempos, while his ballad interpretations are filled with exquisitely oblique lines. This, the saxophonist's second release for Savant, presents a unique ensemble, with no keyboard of any kind, the rhythm section of Paul Gill, bass and Billy Drummond, drums propel the proceedings forward while fret-master Paul Bollenback lays down the changes.

1.1 Crossfire
1.2 Tranquility
1.3 Vortex
1.4 Lost
1.5 Time After Time
1.6 Big "T"
1.7 One for You
1.8 Somewhere in the Night
1.9 One Finger Snap

Jim Snidero: Crossfire

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