Jimmie Rodgers: Recordings 1927-1933

Jimmie Rodgers: Recordings 1927-1933
Title: Recordings 1927-1933
Label: JSP Records

Born in September 1897, son of a railroad maintenance boss, Jimmie Rodgers was interested in little but music. He disliked school and struggled to hold down a regular job. By 1920, a failed marriage behind him, Jimmie married Carrie Williamson, in spite of her parents' opposition. In 1925 Jimmie was diagnosed with TB. He concentrated on music which he augmented with irregular railroad work. 1927 found Jimmie, Carrie and their daughter family boarding with Carrie's parents. Work and Jimmie's strength were waning. Seeking a job, Jimmie visited Asheville, NC. Finding no work, he stuck in town, hanging out with local musicians. He started to perform unpaid on local radio which led to live gigs. By mid 1927, Jimmie and his band had a residency at a local resort. Enter Ralph Peer. Peer toured the south for the Victor label on 'field recording' trips. Jimmie and his band attended a Peer session in Bristol, Tennessee. Jimmie fell out with the band, so he cut two sides solo - Sleep, Baby Sleep and The Soldier's Sweetheart. Sales of the resulting record were said to be fair. To get the facts, Jimmie chased Peer to New York. A session at Victor's Camden Studios resulted. T For Texas (known as Blue Yodel) and Away Out On The Mountain sold at least half a million. The next session, in February 1928, featured two sidemen who had run into Rodgers by chance. In The Jailhouse Now and Blue Yodel #2 were among eight songs - two co-written by one of the pick-up players. By the end of 1928, Jimmie was headlining a package touring through the southern states and was rich. His success continued. During the next few years, as revealed here, he had many more hits and recorded, incredibly, with Louis Armstrong. Success was marred only by his need to tour incessantly, making his failing health even worse. By his last recording in 1933, he was almost too weak to stand. He died two days later. At the time of his death, his sales were 10% of Victor's total.

1.1 The Soldier's Sweetheart
1.2 Sleep, Baby Sleep
1.3 Ben Dewberry's Final Run
1.4 Mother Was a Lady
1.5 Blue Yodel
1.6 Away Out on the Mountain
1.7 Dear Old Sunny South By the Sea
1.8 Treasures Untold
1.9 The Brakeman's Blues
1.10 The Sailor's Plea
1.11 In the Jailhouse Now
1.12 Blue Yodel #2
1.13 Memphis Yodel
1.14 Blue Yodel #3
1.15 My Old Pal
1.16 My Little Old Home Down in New Orleans
1.17 You and My Old Guitar
1.18 Daddy and Home
1.19 My Little Lady
1.20 Lullaby Yodel
1.21 Never No Mo' Blues
1.22 My Carolina Sunshine Girl
1.23 Blue Yodel #4
2.1 Waiting for a Train
2.2 I'm Lonely and Blue
2.3 Desert Blues
2.4 Any Old Time
2.5 Blue Yodel #5
2.6 High Powered Mama
2.7 I'm Sorry We Met
2.8 Everybody Does It in Hawaii
2.9 Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues
2.10 Train Whistle Blues
2.11 Jimmie's Texas Blues
2.12 Frankie and Johnnie
2.13 Whisper Your Mother's Name
2.14 The Land of My Boyhood Dreams
2.15 Blue Yodel #6
2.16 Yodeling Cowboy
2.17 My Rough and Rowdy Ways
2.18 I've Ranged, I've Roamed, I've Traveled
2.19 Hobo Bill's Last Ride
2.20 Mississippi River Blues
2.21 Nobody Knows But Me
2.22 Anniversary Blue Yodel
2.23 She Was Happy Till She Met You
3.1 Blue Yodel #11
3.2 A Drunkard's Child
3.3 That's Why I'm Blue
3.4 Why Did You Give Me Your Love?
3.5 My Blue Eyed Jane
3.6 Why Should I Be Lonely
3.7 Moonlight and Skies
3.8 Pistol Packin' Papa
3.9 Take Me Back Again
3.10 Those Gambler's Blues
3.11 I'm Lonesome Too
3.12 The One Rose
3.13 For the Sake of Days Gone By
3.14 Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues
3.15 The Myster of Number Five
3.16 Blue Yodel #8
3.17 In the Jailhouse Now #2
3.18 Blue Yodel #9
3.19 TB Blues
3.20 Travelin' Blues
3.21 Jimmie the Kid
3.22 Why There's a Tear in My Eye
3.23 The Wonderful City
4.1 Let Me Be Your Sidetrack
4.2 Jimmie Rodgers Visits the Carter Family
4.3 The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers in Texas
4.4 When the Cactus Is in Bloom
4.5 Gambling Polka Dot Blues
4.6 Looking for a New Mama
4.7 What Is It?
4.8 My Good Gal's Gone Blues
4.9 Southern Cannon Ball
4.10 Roll Along Kentucky Moon
4.11 Hobo's Meditation
4.12 Ninety Nine Year Blues
4.13 Mississippi Moon
4.14 Down the Old Road to Home
4.15 Blue Yodel #10
4.16 Home Call
4.17 Mother, the Queen of My Heart
4.18 Rock All Our Babies to Sleep
4.19 Whippin' That Old TB
5.1 No Hard Times
5.2 Long Tall Mama Blues
5.3 Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia
5.4 Gambling Bar Room Blues
5.5 I've Only Loved Three Women
5.6 In the Hills of Tennessee
5.7 Prairie Lullaby
5.8 Miss the Mississippi and You
5.9 Sweet Mama Hurry Home
5.10 Blue Yodel #12
5.11 Dreaming with Tears in My Eyes
5.12 The Cowhand's Last Ride
5.13 I'm Free (From the Chain Gang Now)
5.14 Yodeling My Way Back Home
5.15 Jimmie Rodgers' Last Blue Yodel
5.16 The Yodeling Ranger
5.17 Old Pal of My Heart
5.18 Old Love Letters
5.19 Mississippi Delta Blues
5.20 Somewhere Down Below the Mason Dixon Line
5.21 Years Ago

Jimmie Rodgers: Recordings 1927-1933

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