Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc: Flowers

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Joan of Arc

Artist: Joan of Arc
Title: Flowers
Product Type: VINYL LP

Despite being written over the course of a year in four different sessions with four different lineups, the songs on "Flowers" sound more cohesive than those on last year's "Boo Human". This experience encapsulates the spirit of Joan of Arc - a mentality that embraces contradictions and tears apart common musical structures, only to rebuild them without a blueprint. They continue to create an obscure combination of familiar, obvious ideas while sticking with the notion that "if it feels good, do it."

1.1 Fogbow
1.2 The Garden of Cartoon Exclamations
1.3 Flowers
1.4 Fasting
1.5 Explain Yourselves #2
1.6 Tsunshine
1.7 A Delicious Herbal Laxative
1.8 Explain Yourselves
1.9 Table of the Laments
1.10 Fable of the Elements
1.11 Life Sentence / Twisted Ladder
1.12 The Sun Rose

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