Jodi Shaw: Snow on Saturn

Jodi Shaw: Snow on Saturn
Title: Snow on Saturn
Label: CD Baby

I was born in Newfoundland, Canada, the oldest of three children. My mom was a nurse and my dad a food service manager. We moved around a lot, finally settling in New England, where I attended high school and swam on the swim team. My childhood was not particularly musical aside from the fact that my father had a real passion for country music. I took piano lessons for a short while, but hated it and quit. I went to college in New England and studied anthropology. After I graduated I moved to the Pacific Northwest, worked a variety of low paying jobs, and had a lot of interesting experiences. It was around this time that I started writing little rhyming poems. They were short little sing-song things that also happened to be intense and sometimes even violent, like nursery rhymes for twisted adults. These poems were small and radiant bursts of light, like peepholes into an alternate universe. I kept at it and eventually made the 'crossing' into music. I did this by teaching myself how to play guitar and using any words that came up to drive the rhythm, pitch, and tone of the song. It wasn't until this happened that I truly understood the power of music, and just how closely related words, speech, and music are. I now live and work in Brooklyn. I used to live in a very 'artistic' neighborhood but alas, all things come to an end. I now live in the 'family-friendly' section. There is a beautiful old piano here in my new home, big and grand and full of personality. I also have my own little work room. It has a big window overlooking an interesting street, and a closet to keep all my things in. It is in this room that I write songs. Thanks for supporting my art.

1.1 Starling
1.2 I Want to
1.3 In the Fall Light
1.4 The Singer
1.5 Your Lovely Face
1.6 An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
1.7 Savannah Smiles
1.8 Snow White
1.9 Shooting Star
1.10 And So
1.11 The Book of Love

Jodi Shaw: Snow on Saturn

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