Joe Bourne

Joe Bourne: Dancing Around the Flowers

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Artist: Joe Bourne

Artist: Joe Bourne
Title: Dancing Around the Flowers

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1.1 The Flower Parade
1.2 Eighteen Yellow Roses
1.3 A Field of Yellow Daisies
1.4 Spanish Harlem
1.5 Flowers
1.6 Medley: Blue Orchids/Tiptoe Through the Tulips
1.7 A Little White Gardenia
1.8 Tulips from Amsterdam
1.9 Amapola
1.10 Les Fleurs
1.11 Edelweiss
1.12 Not Just a Flower in Your Hair
1.13 Flowers in the Rain
1.14 Listen to the Flowers
1.15 Dancing Around the Flowers
1.16 [Untitled Track]

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