Joe Henry

Joe Henry: Reverie

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Artist: Joe Henry

Artist: Joe Henry
Title: Reverie
Product Type: VINYL LP

REVERIE came to fruition when Joe Henry and his fellow musicians convened in Henrys basement studio for three days of exploration. The result is an all-acoustic album more full of life - from the birds chirping through the open windows to the ticking and shifting of the musicians - than any Henry has recorded.

1.1 Heaven S Escape
1.2 Odetta
1.3 After the War
1.4 Sticks ; Stones
1.5 Grand Street
1.6 Dark Tears
1.7 Strung
1.8 Tomorrow Is October
1.9 Piano Furnace
1.10 Deathbed Version
1.11 Room at Arles
1.12 Eyes Out for You
1.13 Unspeakable
1.14 The World and All I Know
2.1 Heaven S Escape
2.2 Odetta
2.3 After the War
2.4 Sticks ; Stones
2.5 Grand Street
2.6 Dark Tears
2.7 Strung
2.8 Tomorrow Is October
2.9 Piano Furnace
2.10 Deathbed Version
2.11 Room at Arles
2.12 Eyes Out for You
2.13 Unspeakable
2.14 The World and All I Know

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