Joe Hisaishi

Joe Hisaishi: Songs of Hope: The Essential Joe Hisaishi Vol. 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Hisaishi

Title: Songs of Hope: The Essential Joe Hisaishi Vol. 2
Label: Decca Gold

2021 release. Songs of Hope: The Essential Joe Hisaish Vol. 2, features even more of Hisaishi's greatest hits. From iconic films including Spirited Away and Porco Rosso to orchestral works and solo piano recordings, plus two brand-new recordings: "Kids Return" and "Hana-Bi." Pitchfork proclaimed him, "The most acclaimed Japanese composer to have ever worked in film."

1.1 Angel Doll
1.2 La Pioggia
1.3 Il Porco Rosso
1.4 Lost Sheep on the Bed
1.5 For You
1.6 White Night
1.7 Da-Mashi-E
1.8 Departures -Memory-
1.9 Two of Us
1.10 Rain Garden
1.11 Friends [Live]
1.12 Summer
1.13 Les Aventuriers
1.14 Kids Return [Live]
2.1 Links
2.2 View of Silence
2.3 Nocturne
2.4 Silence
2.5 Mkwaju 1981-2009
2.6 Ashitaka and San [Live]
2.7 The Rain
2.8 Dead for Strings, Perc., Harpe and Piano:
2.9 D.E.A.D
2.10 Tango X.T.C. [Live]
2.11 The Little House [Live]
2.12 Hana-Bi [Live]
2.13 Silencio de Parc Güell
2.14 Wave
2.15 World Dreams

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