Joe Pernice

Joe Pernice: It Feels So Good When I Stop (Novel Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Pernice

Title: It Feels So Good When I Stop (Novel Soundtrack)
Label: Ashmont Records

Joe Pernice's IT FEELS SO GOOD WHEN I STOP is a novel soundtrack and a companion piece to his debut novel IT FEELS SO GOOD WHEN I STOP. According to Pernice, "Though the book is not explicitly about music, there are quite a few cover and fictional songs mentioned, so I thought it would be a cool idea for me to record some of those songs and release them, as a soundtrack album to the novel."

1.1 Used to Like That Song [Excerpt]
1.2 Found a Little Baby
1.3 I Go to Pieces
1.4 I'm Your Puppet
1.5 Right Down There with Pat Boone [Excerpt]
1.6 Soul and Fire
1.7 Chevy Van
1.8 Tell Me When It's Over
1.9 Chim Cheree
1.10 Black Smoke (No Pope)
1.11 That's How I Got to Memphis
1.12 Todd Rundgren's Fault [Excerpt]
1.13 Hello It's Me

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