Joe Terlizzi

Joe Terlizzi: Big White Vinyl

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Artist: Joe Terlizzi

Artist: Joe Terlizzi
Title: Big White Vinyl

This collection spans both old and new material, but I tried to keep the old 'album' concept of songs that work together and tell a story - in this case, boy ditches love, boy finds new love, new love ditches boy. I couldn't help starting out with a Dylan cover, the best songwriter of our lifetime. For me, the key to a memorable song is a good hook. I try to build my songs around them. The music usually comes easy, the lyrics are more difficult. I had some lyrical help from my friends on a few key songs, and I'm very grateful. All songs were recorded on my Boss BR-8 eight track recorder in my apartment in Brooklyn. Electronic drums are live in most cases, and I played all the instruments. I had super vocal support and encouragement from my fellow songwriter/artist Elayne Terranova. Be sure to check out her CDs. With this album, I hope I can take you on a journey. Try it on your car stereo!

1.1 Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
1.2 I Dig Love
1.3 Luckiest Man
1.4 If You Threw It All Away
1.5 In Your Arms Tonight
1.6 Out in the Night
1.7 Big White Vinyl
1.8 The Man Who Drove Her Away
1.9 Company Man
1.10 Her Sidewalk Affairs
1.11 Knock on Her Door
1.12 Come Back Baby

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