John Bramwell

John Bramwell: Leave Alone The Empty Spaces

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Product Type: CD
Artist: John Bramwell

Title: Leave Alone The Empty Spaces
Label: Allpoints

I Am Kloot's songwriter and frontman, John Bramwell, has announced the release of his first studio solo album "Leave Alone The Empty Spaces" The record is a stunning showcase of John's skillful, widely acclaimed song-writing and his unique voice. It's the first completely new collection of songs by John as a solo artist since he started his adventures away from I Am Kloot.

1.1 A Field Full of Secrets
1.2 Who Is Anybody
1.3 Times Arrow
1.4 From the Shore
1.5 Sat Beneath the Lightning Tree
1.6 The Whipperwill
1.7 Tallulah
1.8 Leave Alone the Empty Spaces
1.9 Meet at the Station

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