John Craigie

John Craigie: Picnic on the 405

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Artist: John Craigie

Artist: John Craigie
Title: Picnic on the 405

A year and a half in the making, "A Picnic on the 405," is Craigie's most ambitious and exciting album to date. With Craigie and the Accidental Poets now comfortable at Bocean studios, John decided to put more attention to the detail and production of the songs he had chosen for his next album. With the success of "Daddy Longlegs," and it's unique approach to folk music, John decided to push the genre even farther with his fourth album. The result is a culmination of John's diverse, adventurous sound. The album rides a wave from pumped up bluegrass, to mellow grooves; from traditional folk, to all out rock and roll, all against the backdrop of some of John's best songwriting yet. His first true "concept album" as he claims, "A Picnic on the 405" centers on the theme of growing up in Los Angeles, and how that experience shaped Craigie's growth. The cast of players is again an all-star list featuring Leland Jackness on electric and acoustic guitar, Cody Walz on tenor and alto saxophone, Ajaia Suri on backing vocals, and many more. Although the question of when John is going to return to the simple style of his first album still exists, it's clear that "A Picnic on the 405" is a reminder to listeners that Craigie has much more to offer.

1.1 The Ice Plant Amphitheater
1.2 Canyon Walls
1.3 The Ballad of John and Jill
1.4 The Grass on Concrete Blues
1.5 Talkin' Orange Alert Blues
1.6 My Own Religion
1.7 The Male Version of You
1.8 Closer to the Sky
1.9 Westchester Moon
1.10 One Sweet Duet
1.11 Weakness
1.12 Purple Lightning

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