John Greenfield

John Greenfield: No Age Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: John Greenfield

Title: No Age Music
Label: CD Baby

Guitarist and composer John Greenfield presents the first in a series of albums under the No Age Music heading. Long before the term 'Binaural Beats' was coined, I was fascinated by the effect outlined in Gerald Oster's article 'Auditory Beats in the Brain' (Scientific American, 1973). No Age Music was conceived as also I appreciated how much language changes the impact of music. The part of the mind responsible for language engages a host of connections from physical to intellectual and emotional, while pure sound impacts the mind and body very differently. There is emotion here as well, but it's origins are primal rather than literal. A train whistle in the distance on a foggy morning...the far away calls of geese overhead as they migrate through the fall twilight....these things, like music or ambient sound like rain register in a deeper, older part of our minds than language. As all binaural beat effects are intended to engage the mind directly via headphones, listening to No Age Music this way will lead to an experience unique from the album played through speakers however, the music is designed to be enjoyed in either mode. The binaural effects are designed to entrain brainwaves into states which yield progressive deep physical relaxation. No Age Music is a series created to omit human language and embrace composition of both traditional and nontraditional structure. I really believe in the power of music to transcend ordinary thought. Music can also facilitate healing. I hope the purity of this comes through. Lofted by Greenfields' unique approach to guitar, No Age Music is a soul filled journey, a road less traveled, and a soundtrack for life unlike anything you've heard.

1.1 Adirondack Rain
1.2 Night in Paris
1.3 Fractals
1.4 Bam y Dunya
1.5 Chinese Musicbox
1.6 Masters Walk
1.7 Vibrancy
1.8 Waves and Time
1.9 Grandfathers Eyes
1.10 Signature

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