Johnny Horton

Johnny Horton: Ballads of Johnny Horton

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Johnny Horton

Title: Ballads of Johnny Horton
Label: Bear Family Germany

Discover what an outstanding singer Johnny Horton really was as you hear his 1959-1960 hits laced with original, infectious and charismatic vocals. Also includes a 28-page booklet.

1.1 Whispering Pines
1.2 Everytime I'm Kissing You
1.3 You Cry in the Door of Your Mansion
1.4 Words
1.5 All for the Love of a Girl
1.6 Lost Highway
1.7 Journey with No End
1.8 The Mansion You Stole
1.9 Betty Lorraine (Betty Lou)
1.10 Miss Marcy (Billy Boy)
1.11 Words
1.12 Another Woman Wears My Wedding Ring
1.13 Shadows on the Old Bayou
1.14 When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below)
1.15 Counterfeit Love
1.16 Comanche (The Brave Horse)
1.17 The Mansion You Stole
1.18 They'll Never Take Her Love from Me
1.19 Jim Bridger
1.20 Done Rovin'
1.21 All for the Love of a Girl
1.22 Johnny Reb
1.23 Meant So Little to You
1.24 Tetched in the Head
1.25 North to Alaska

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