Johnny Trash: Guidance

Johnny Trash: Guidance
Title: Guidance
Label: CD Baby

Johnny Trash. Recent television appearances and news: TC Muzique and WB TV show 'Strictly Original'. Johnny Trash has been nominated for 'Rockabilly band of the year' at the Minnesota Music Academy. Taking the Twin Cities by storm, Johnny Trash has been burning the candel at both ends. Nominated in their first year of eligibility for 'Rockabilly Artist of the Year' at the Minnesota Music Awards. 'You'll be seeing a lot of Johnny Trash, there's just no stopping them'. Johnny Trash... classic rock and roll, updated sensibilities. Johnny Trash is walking the fence between 50's cover band and renegade rock and roll. In a 'Stray Cats' vein, Johnny Trash has managed to meld 'Rockabilly, Blues, Rock and Roll and Country Western, into a music they would prefer to title 'Americana'. From jangling hollow body guitar sounds, to the slap and thump of the stand up bass, Johnny Trash keeps the tempo moving. Always fresh, always 'LIVE', Johnny Trash will make you love your favorite songs, all over again! The band has deep roots in many types of music, including, swing, rock, country and blues. Do not be surprised if they swing a little Tony Bennett, before launching into one of the wildest versions of 'Ghost Riders' you'll probably ever hear! And with all the musical background they have, it's no wonder; their original music has drawn the attention it has! From a Neo-Rockabilly I'll Make It Home Tonight to the, 'I can't wait to see the video' sounds of 'Where Abundance Lies' Seen on TV on TC Muzique and the WB network band competition 'Strictly Original' now in the semi finals. 08/18/2005.

1.1 Guidance
1.2 Burly Housewife
1.3 So Pretty It Hurts
1.4 Lead Me on
1.5 The Morning Light
1.6 Margo
1.7 Where Abundance Lies
1.8 Radio Baby
1.9 Into the Water
1.10 Ghost Riders
1.11 The Devil Comes

Johnny Trash: Guidance

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