Jook Bourke

Jook Bourke: Just a Minute

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Artist: Jook Bourke

Artist: Jook Bourke
Title: Just a Minute

Jook Bourke is a Florida-based blues singer/songwriter whose lyrics reflect a witty look at life and love. Jook Bourke's lyrics as a singer-songwriter and his strength as an acoustic blues guitarist and harp player. Bourke blends crisp textures and rich harmonies to this unique style of acoustic blues. He strays from the standard 12 bar format, while maintaining vital blues elements and adding elements like gospel, rock and country. 'Just A Minute' contains eleven tracks of acoustic based blues, focused on the humorous and ironic side of living and loving. Jook grew up in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area, listening to R&B DJ, Porky Chedwick, on WAMO radio. Porky played a lot of blues and it didn't have to be a big hit to get on the air. Elmore James, John Lee Hooker, Big Bill Broonzy and Muddy Waters were staples on Porky's show. The first band Jook played in featured tunes like Rooster Blues and Baby What You Want Me To Do, and other songs from Porky Chedwick's playlist. Many of Jook's arrangements include drum or percussion tracks, while traditional acoustic blues does not. His lyrics don't follow the 12 bar typical blues form with the first and second lines being repeated as the third and fourth lines of the verse. He stuffs a lot of lyrical content into most of his songs. Some of his lyrics include story telling, like that which is common in folk music. Jook's arrangements often include harmonies in the refrains incorporating vocal elements of rock, country and gospel.

1.1 Hot Pepper Sauce
1.2 Just a Minute
1.3 Nobody Can Do What I Can Do
1.4 Reach Out
1.5 It's a Hurricane
1.6 I Need to Get Home
1.7 Sometimes I Just Need to Feel This Way
1.8 This Ain't Where I Belong
1.9 Area Code 212
1.10 Somebody's Calling
1.11 Boca Raton

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