Josh Schicker

Josh Schicker: Faith the Poor & Politics

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Artist: Josh Schicker

Artist: Josh Schicker
Title: Faith the Poor & Politics

Every time an artist sets out to create something new they have committed to something much bigger than themselves. This is very much the case with Faith, the Poor & Politics. This is a collection of songs written between 2008 and 2011, recorded in Michigan and California over the summer/fall of 2011 and crowd-funded through my friend and fans via Indiegogo's platform on the web. I couldn't have done this alone and I think the quality of what you hear displays this. From the beginning, this project was a collaboration with David Purnell (DP Creative Audio). His partnership as engineer and friend is the central reason this project came together and I owe him a great debt of thanks. The other musicians and creatives involved also devoted a lot of time and talent to this project. Without their interpretive gifts, this would not have turned out very interesting. I am grateful for all of you and I hope you are as proud of this project as I am. The title, Faith, the Poor & Politics, comes from the common themes of this collection of songs. Each has a little piece of one of these words and some have all three. These words are important and interconnected, for better or worse. Simply put, I think we should keep faith, serve the poor and thoughtfully engage politics. Thank you for listening and for supporting collaboration. A very special thank you to the artists who labored with me on this project: David Purnell (engineering, general production), Dan Bos (mixing, mastering), Five Meadows Creative (photography, videography, design), Danny Reyes (drums), Daniel Maat (bass), Necia Ornée (vocals), Mark Dykema (guitars), Luke Panning (violin, banjolin), Rob Stam (piano), Dan Patterson (drums), Anna Kremer (ukulele).

1.1 Heaven's Pavement
1.2 Cease Fire
1.3 Empty
1.4 Lip Gloss
1.5 Harper's Lullaby
1.6 Small Change
1.7 You Shine So Bright

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