Judy Banker

Judy Banker: Without You

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Artist: Judy Banker

Artist: Judy Banker
Title: Without You

I've been playing and singing since I was 10, when my father proudly presented the family with a huge used sunburst Kay guitar he picked up for $50 somewhere. The action on that old guitar was murder for my little hands but I was hooked. I began playing and singing everything and anything---from the Beatles and Elvis to Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and the Kingston Trio alone, with friends, and in front of an audience or two. I met and married John Sayler, the love of my life, in the mid-80's. John had a serious penchant for folk music and played the guitar and dobro, so it was a match made in heaven. We played music together throughout our marriage, in our living room, at weddings for friends and family, and occasionally performing on stage. Our happiest musical experiences included playing and singing with our good friend, the legendary Michigan singer-songwriter, Jay Stielstra, over the past 5 years as part of the Jay Stielstra Trio. John suffered a massive heart attack in the spring of 2012 and we lost him. Since then singing, songwriting, playing guitar, and performing with Jay and other friends has kept me sane. My new CD, Without You, is dedicated to John and will remain an expression of what he meant and continues to mean to me. Music is there through the good times and the hard times. And there will be music in the days ahead.

1.1 Written in the Sky
1.2 If You Really Loved Me
1.3 Easy Street
1.4 Crazy for You
1.5 Gone
1.6 For the Good
1.7 Out of Time
1.8 One More Day
1.9 Train Whistle
1.10 Love's Curse
1.11 How Many Times
1.12 This Old House

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