Juice: The Sunrise

Juice: The Sunrise
Title: The Sunrise
Label: CD Baby

Juice / THE SUNRISE 03/16/2004 16 TRACKS INCLUDING The Sunrise: Sexy Mamacita - Remix [Acapella] PLUS Am I Bound for Death? Now Instock

1.1 Chasin' Dreamz (Featuring Jazz)
1.2 On the Road (Featuring Baby Bash, Bullet, Todd G, ; Jazz)
1.3 Sexy Mamacita (Featuring Jazz)
1.4 Bitches Ain't Shit (Young Droop, Assassin, Bullet, ; Jazz)
1.5 If U Wanna
1.6 Chasin' the Rain (Featuring Jazz)
1.7 Last Night (Featuring Frost, Jay Tee/N2Deep, Bullet, ; Arjay)
1.8 Eastside Riderz 3 (Bullet, Bill Yuns, Kay Kay, Hypnotiq ; Jazz)
1.9 War Call
1.10 Northwest to the Bay (Featuring Assassin ; the Four Young Ridaz)
1.11 Sunrise
1.12 Am I Bound for Death
1.13 Thank U Mama (Featuring Jazz)
1.14 Sexy Mamcita - Remix [Featuring Bullet, Bill Yuns, ; Jazz]
1.15 Sexy Mamacita - Remix
1.16 Sexy Mamacita - Remix [Acapella]

Juice: The Sunrise

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