Just.Live: Moxy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Just.Live

Title: Moxy
Label: CD Baby

In many ways the hip-hop duo, Just.Live are as different as night and day: *"Just" is from St. Paul, Minnesota. "Live" is from East St. Louis, Illinois. *"Just" enjoys the soulful sounds of Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield and the legendary talent of the late hip-hop producer, J. Dilla. "Live" has everyone from Ashley Simpson and Martina McBride to Wyclef Jean and U2 in his iPod rotation. "Just" comes off as the cool and mellow type. Without saying a word, he gives off the impression that if he can't give the conversation justice, then he'd rather say nothing at all. "Live" is a live wire. No matter what the topic, he's got an opinion. No matter what the battle, in his own calculated and clever way, he is prepared to put up a good fight. However, when you blend these two together, a hue of talent emerges that is unlike no other. At a time in rap when consciousness has given way to commercialism and integrity has sold out to the "dolla, dolla bill", Just.Live is using their crafty lyrics, upbeat-sans--corny music and unapologetically moral nature to re-introduce what they call, "feel good music" to the rap music game. "We're trying to take it back to the old school roller skatin' days," says Just. "You know, the times when people would hear a song and be like "Yeah, that's my joint!". We're going to the club with this album. We're going to the parties with this album...anywhere people want to have a good time is where we want this music to take us."

1.1 I Luv Hip Hop
1.2 Bolla Atcha Hoy (The New Slang)
1.3 I'm Phresh
1.4 Sweet (Interlude)
1.5 Friends
1.6 Go Crazy
1.7 Since She Cheated
1.8 So Ghetto
1.9 Touch (Interlude)
1.10 Side 2 Side - Just. Live
1.11 Whatever
1.12 Grand Finale

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