Justin Conn

Justin Conn: New Blood

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Justin Conn

Title: New Blood
Label: CD Baby

Neo- : in a new and different form or manner. Retro- : extending in scope or effect to a prior time or to conditions that existed or originated in the past. While neo-retro is certainly an oversimplified description of the music of Memphis native Justin Conn, the term serves well as a point of introduction. Justin's music reflects the strong urban groove and vocal emphasis of both classic soul and modern R&B and seamlessly fuses these elements with heavily blues-influenced rock. More than just the sum of his influences, Justin carries the torch much farther than simple reinterpretation. Justin's confident singing and guitar playing are tasteful yet unrestrained, and his prolific writing has garnered much attention for it's originality and powerful honesty, while never losing touch with Justin's Memphis heritage. His latest recording, New Blood, is a collection of 14 tracks that showcase Justin's unique style. With one foot to the future and one firmly rooted in the past, he manages to straddle the present with his infectious story telling. Accompanying Justin on this CD are several world-class musicians, including two of his idols: Johnny Neel of the Allman Brothers and Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns. Their creative involvement is a tribute to Justin's offerings as a performer and a hint of things to come. Simultaneously traditional and progressive, Justin Conn continues to make his mark as a distinctly new musical voice. With the upcoming release of his new record, Justin has paid his dues and is poised to take his place among his creative peers. Justin Conn is the New Blood - the fresh life breathed into this musical fire...

1.1 Southern Girls
1.2 Trouble
1.3 Late Again
1.4 Jenine
1.5 Alabama Dream
1.6 Fool's Dream
1.7 Close
1.8 6 ; 1/2
1.9 Communion
1.10 Memphis Thing
1.11 Dirty
1.12 Alright Now
1.13 Lay Down, Baby
1.14 New Blood

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