Kalyan: Cello Circles

Kalyan: Cello Circles
Title: Cello Circles
Label: CD Baby

'An orchestral and sonic triumph of sound... you give us so many voices to listen to and as a cellist I would have to say that Kalyan is a first rate modern jazz and world music cellist...'? David Darling Grammy nominated Composer and Cellist and  Founder of Music For People "cello circles is a breath of fresh air. Now and again we find an example of musicians coming together for no other reason than to play for the sheer pleasure of making music.. these two musicians, sambodhi prem and kalyan, are such people. They are not screaming for your attention. Nor have they created this music seeking recognition. They simply share their experience of the friendliness they feel for each other, through their instruments. A unique, relaxing statement. Simple, yet complex, eloquent music." Deva Premal & Miten Cello Circles Recorded between 2001 and 2008 Cello Circles has taken it's own time to come to a point of completion. Started as a fun project between friends living on opposite sides of the globe, this CD grew organically into a richly orchestrated ode to the many colours and nuances of the cello. Sambodhi Prem has been a recording artist with releases dating back to the mid-eighties, mostly guitar-based instrumental music and introspective titles for relaxation. Kalyan is a classically trained cellist and multi instrumentalist, with skills on stringed and wind instruments. This CD has his cello in the main role, but there are also plenty of minor roles for a host of interesting instruments that he plays. The Indian dilruba is heard on two pieces, plucked on the intro of 'Leaving Space' and bowed on the last piece 'Spring Water', the Japanese kyotaku flute can be heard on 'This Moment'. And there are the more familiar sounds of the fretless bass and the recorder, all played by Kalyan. By no means is this an album of world-music mishmashes, the tone is focussed on the cello but there's enough breathing space for many other sounds to have a place. Most pieces are 'down-tempo', but with a constantly changing landscape of sounds. The compositions were written by both players - Sambodhi did most of the production and the recording of the backing tracks. You can hear that lots of thought went into the compositions, as the music is never repetitive and it holds your interest even after repeat listenings. Tags cello, improvised, original compositions, superb sound quality, creative sound scape, acoustic guitar, dilruba, kyotaku flute, fretless bass, recorder, sensitive organic music, played by real people on real instruments, classical sound but with an improvisational feel, art cover painting.

1.1 Wave That Holds
1.2 Leaving Space
1.3 Circles in the Sky
1.4 Four Winds
1.5 Dancing Fields
1.6 This Moment
1.7 Friendliness
1.8 Spring Water

Kalyan: Cello Circles

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