Kanary: Only Dead Fish Go with the Current

Kanary: Only Dead Fish Go with the Current
Title: Only Dead Fish Go with the Current
Label: CD Baby

Hey, you're gonna love the 4th CD because there are so many new, upbeat, hardest rock, 'typical Leslie' songs that really are as likable as they are idiosyncratic. Take the ultra-catchy 'Girl With Black Hair.' It's this great storyteller song that mashes up the teen-pop angst with worldly overview, like some unholy spawn of Lavigne and Dylan. Awesome fun by a trio of great musicians who rock. Leslie, the lead singer/guitarist/primary songwriter is an eccentric, flamboyant, gorgeous beauty who was once voted, by British Music press, 'the 38th' best rock singer ever.' That's ever rock singers of all time, male or female, everywhere, ever. Kanary's Mary and Tony have been termed the best rhythm section in Los Angeles, duh, and can throttle it, kick it, pound it or stroke it 'til it purrs, depending on the song. 'Poor Puppy Face' (bass propelled sleaze about a lovelorn suitor) and the somewhat alt-swing 'Sez Who Sez Me,' campare and contrast. Again, great fun to hear these weirdly wonderful hard rock songs done so expertly. Unless you prefer the Paris-in-the-spring-but-with-great-smelly-sex romantic balladry of 'Him & Me.' So here's 'Kanary-Only Dead Fish Go With The Current,' eleven exciting tracks with only one (track 11) that can't be played within present FCC guidelines but will have you glad it's there anyway. Call Leslie for an interview: she's a natural extrovert who'll talk your ears off and you won't mind. Or all the band, there's a lot of back story to Kanary, and a heap of amazing, musical, crazy, hard rock wonderful tunes right here, right now. REVIEW BY: HEATHER HARRIS ROCK PHOTOGRAPHER AND MUSIC CRITIC FOR 'MUSIC CONNECTION'

1.1 Falling Together
1.2 Baby It's You
1.3 Girl with Black Hair
1.4 Poor Puppy Face
1.5 Him and Me
1.6 Sez Who Sez Me
1.7 The Ballad of Lowell and Doris
1.8 Can't Stop Crying
1.9 U R
1.10 Skinny Bones
1.11 Pity Party F*#k

Kanary: Only Dead Fish Go with the Current

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