Kane & Abel

Kane & Abel: Rise to Power

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kane & Abel

Title: Rise to Power
Label: East/West Records

220 year-old twin brother rappers Kane & Abel have sold over 1 million albums on Master P's No Limit Records. Now they've started their own label, Most Wanted Records. Their Most Wanted/Eastwest debut is a collection of intense street narratives and wicked hip-hop beats. The album explores street life with intense lyrics, stormy beats and wailing synthesizers. Songs range from the vigorous "Straight Thuggin'" to the sedated grooves of "Get Cha Mind Right" to the mystical title track.

1.1 Parental Advisory
1.2 Rise to Power (Illegal Business)
1.3 The Possibility
1.4 Tony Manteca I (Interlude)
1.5 Get Cha Weight Up
1.6 Beat It Up
1.7 Straight Thuggin'
1.8 Get Cha Mind Right
1.9 Tony Manteca II (Interlude)
1.10 I Don't Care
1.11 Let 'Em Come
1.12 State's Evidence
1.13 Let Them Hands Go
1.14 Show Me What Cha Workin' Wit
1.15 This Life
1.16 Lock Me Up (Interlude)
1.17 Hit the Block
1.18 Hydroponix
1.19 Brave N's
1.20 Joke's on You Jack (Interlude)
1.21 Get Cha Mind Right (Spanish Version)
1.22 Bonus Track

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