Kapena: Keys of Love

Kapena: Keys of Love
Title: Keys of Love
Label: CD Baby

These love songs were hand selected by Kapena for your listening pleasure. If you have lived in or visited Hawaii during the last 25 years chances are that you have heard these love songs played on the radio or on television or sung at venues around the islands. At the top of the local music charts and playlists since the 1980's, Kapena's music continues to capture their listeners' hearts and remains timeless. Whether you are on your first date, newly engaged, just married or celebrating your silver wedding anniversary, this collection of love songs will make every day Valentine's Day. Each song has a common theme of love and all of the emotions that accompany it and is done in Kapena's unique style and sound. These songs are the original recordings and have been re-mastered with one new selection. Song #3 'Don't say goodbye' was originally sung by lead singer, Kelly De Lima, but has been re-recorded just for this CD by Kelly's 16-year-old daughter, Kalena Koo. This album is a real memory maker or memory awakener...from the sentimental favorite 'Blue darling' to the nostalgic melody of 'Danny's song' that has become Kapena's yearly sign off at 'The FM100 Birthday Bash', the radio station's annual concert at the Waikiki Shell. These love songs will surely melt your heart and make you want to fall in love all over again. To everyone who believes in love and every die hard romantic, this one is for you.

1.1 I Cross My Heart
1.2 Blue Darling/I'll Be Leaving
1.3 Don't Say Goodbye
1.4 Tender Lie
1.5 Wild Heart
1.6 Bring It on Home to Me
1.7 Shame on Me
1.8 Why
1.9 Somebody Loves You
1.10 Forgive Me
1.11 Lady
1.12 Be As One
1.13 Danny's Song

Kapena: Keys of Love

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