Karel Roessingh

Karel Roessingh: KR3 Plus

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Artist: Karel Roessingh

Artist: Karel Roessingh
Title: KR3 Plus

Karel Roessingh has been a professional performing musician since 1970 and a professional composer, arranger and producer since 1985. He has played everywhere from country pubs to concert halls, and has recorded 12 of his own well-received albums. He also composes extensively for film and television. He has studied arranging and composition at the Berklee College of Music, and earned a Bachelor of Education n music and mathematics at the University of Victoria in 1981. Find out more at.

1.1 Before Dawn - Gary Karr, Karel Roessingh
1.2 Biodiesel
1.3 Rezoning
1.4 Cedars
1.5 Your Worship
1.6 Out of Time
1.7 Swedish Carz and Jeepz
1.8 So Sad, So Horrible, So Final
1.9 Flying Down to Rio
1.10 Three More - Karel Roessingh, Paul Wainwright

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