Kelsey Humphreys

Kelsey Humphreys: Hey There

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Title: Hey There
Label: CD Baby

Kelsey Humphreys makes no qualms about being a pop singer. When the lights rise at the Lyric Theater, she opens strong and loud. Most people familiar with Kelsey had seen only small, acoustic shows. However, with the release of her new album Hey There, she cast her vision for her image: Big shows, lots of fun and the pink piano. She's purposeful about everything, her image, her wardrobe and her desire to go as far as she can go. She produced a memorable experience without the help of a well-known music label backing her. Miller Pro Audio even lent her sound equipment, no doubt impressed by her desire and ability to go for big. Kelsey also used what resources she had at her disposal: enlisting her alma mater, Putnam City North's drum line for 'Hey There' and asking the OU Gospel Choir to sing on tracks like 'Wait and See.' But her music is not something easily pigeon-holed where I could say, yeah, she's like so-and-so. She's in love with harmonies and oldies. Her deep, soulful voice resonates with stories of 'Half Songs' and the encouraging words of 'Inspire Me.' She makes a break up song sound uplifting. In 'Still Hurts,' she champions the most broken hearted to move on with peppered drums and perky piano playing. She's not a machine, mass-producing hit singles. 'Gimmee Some Soul' shows her understanding of the music industry and her desire for more 'guts' in pop. Her producer and fellow musician, Matt Stansberry joined in on 'Line in the Sand,' a call to action for people to not 'roll their eyes' in complacency, but decide to make a positive difference in the world. Humphreys is a performer, but there were times on stage when she got lost in the love of the music. She walked around stage with the confidence and passion of a born singer. 'My song' chronicles this journey of finding 'her nitch.' Although sure of her ability, she felt unsure of which way to go with it. After years of trying to be something else, she's content to 'let her curls go wild.' Her writing reminds me of the vulnerability shown from someone who's taken a serious look at herself. No doubt, she takes her budding career seriously, with a serious desire to have fun along the way. Like a good movie, the more you listen to Hey There, the more you'll like it. She wants you to join her, 'won't you sing, won't you sing, won't you sing along?' -Shar Grant, ArtBeat, 2009.

1.1 Half Songs
1.2 Inspire Me
1.3 Hey There
1.4 Gimme Some Soul
1.5 Line in the Sand
1.6 Thanks to You
1.7 Longing for Love
1.8 Still Hurts
1.9 Good Enough
1.10 Wait and See
1.11 My Song

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