Ken Husbands

Ken Husbands: Keepin It Going

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Artist: Ken Husbands

Artist: Ken Husbands
Title: Keepin It Going

Keepin' It Going is guitarist Ken Husbands' third release as a leader and the second with this group, featuring Aaron Germain on bass and Otto Huber on drums. It moves fluidly from the funk inflected opening track to the fast samba of the closer, passing through swing, odd metered grooves, African influences and out-and-out fusion on the way. This group has been working together in the San Francisco Bay area for five years and they have developed a cohesive ensemble approach. The original compositions are formally rigorous while leaving room for each of the musicians to display team-oriented virtuosity. Contemporary influences such as John Scofield and Wayne Krantz can be heard in Husbands' guitar playing, and the title track evokes the world fusion of Weather Report, but this trio has it's own sound and compositional approach that incorporates a wide range of musical styles, integrating odd time signatures and complex harmonies seamlessly into energetic grooves.

1.1 East Coast Groupings
1.2 Lucky Seven
1.3 Keepin' It Going
1.4 Goodbye Eddie
1.5 Almost Eleven
1.6 But I Don't

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